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Carrie Underwood Reveals Stormy New Album Cover, Release Date

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For all of you Carrie Underwood fans who are enamored with her sweet, all-American (Idol) looks and demeanor...be prepared to be, er, blown away.

The title of Underwood's upcoming fourth album has been revealed (yes, it's Blown Away, sorry for the terrible joke there), and a May 1 release date has been set. While this is all exciting news, I'm pretty sure it's the cover art that's going to really get everyone talking. Take a look at this new, slightly dangerous-looking, dark Carrie Underwood!

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Underwood's new album cover

Phew, well, that's quite a diversion from the sunny tones, daisies, and smiles on her previous three album covers. It's a bit of a shock to see Underwood looking so grim.

However, desipe the steely expression, it's hard to deny she's looking good as always. I have to say, Angelina Jolie's infamous "leg pose" at this year's Oscars has nothing on Underwood's toned exposure.

Blown Away already has first single "Good Girl"--which was released to radio last week--making waves of its own on the Billboard Hot Country and Hot 100 singles charts. It made the most impressive debut on the Digital Country songs chart, where it bowed at No. 1.

What do you think of Carrie's dark and ominous new look? Be sure to let me know!

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