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Carrie Underwood Says No To Gaga’s Meat Dress; Suggests Soy Gown Instead

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By now, everyone has heard about and discussed the ever-outdoing-herself Lady Gaga's latest outrageous fashion stunt--that is, showing up at the 2010 Video Music Awards in a gown made completely of meat. And everyone includes Carrie Underwood, who just happens to be quite well-known for her vegetarian lifestyle.

When recently asked by radio station KMLE in Phoenix if she'd ever wear something made of meat, Underwood, sounding completely grossed out, was to the point: "Ahhh...I'm gonna go with no." Big surprise, right?

However, she said she wouldn't be opposed to an outfit made of soy. "A Tofurky dress?" she joked. "It's currently in the works."

Perhaps that would be a gown by Versoyce? Don't groan, I didn't make that joke up--the radio host did. (I think it's kind of funny, though.) Cher, can you hold my Smart Dog purse, please?

Underwood has been a vegetarian since she was quite young, due to growing up on a farm and becoming attached to the animals she cared for. Since then, the Oklahoma native has famously worn a "V for Vegetarian" logo shirt on American Idol, and been named "sexiest vegetarian" multiple times by animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, aka PETA.

However, Underwood notes that although she is dedicated, she isn't extreme regarding her cause. She says farming has given her a respect for the beef industry, and that all of her family (including husband Mike Fisher) eats meat.

I can tell you all one thing for sure--if Carrie did decide to wear a meat dress, I'm pretty sure at least one member of her family would be slobbering all over her...and I'm not talking about her husband.

So who would it be? Why, her little dog Ace--the pink tux-clad pooch at her wedding--of course! Okay, okay, feel free to throw a few hunks of tofu at me for that one.

No word as of yet whether Underwood's pal and fellow country-celeb veggie Kellie Pickler has any opinion on Gaga's meat dress, although I'm guessing she wasn't a fan either.

So, y'all got any good vegetarian--or meat dress--jokes? Be sure to let me know!

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