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Carrie Underwood Sings ‘Good Girl’ With Famed Kids’ Chorus Group

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There's some cute stuff circulating around the web this week--how about the frog sitting like a human, anyone?--but for country music fans, this sweet clip should win the "awww" award.

Carrie Underwood, whose new record drops next week, stopped by the famous PS 22 Chorus on Thursday to perform her latest single, "Good Girl."

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Underwood and the kids from PS 22 Chorus

If you're not familiar, the Chorus is a group of ultra-talented 5th graders from a Staten Island-area elementary school--it's been called "the best-known elementary-school chorus on the planet" by New York Magazine, and has fans ranging from gossip great Perez Hilton to classic-rock queen Stevie Nicks.

At any rate, these kids know how to make a song swing, as evidenced by their enthusiastic take on Underwood's steamy tune. Check out the soulful boy who takes Underwood on in a vocal match-up!

After the performance, Underwood was given her own PS 22 t-shirt, which she said she'd "wear proudly." She added, "I feel like I'm a part of the choir now, and my experience at PS 22 has been absolutely amazing."

Underwood noted that she wished she could have been part of the Chorus herself back when she was younger. "I would like to thank all of you guys for having me here and singing my songs and making them sound better than I ever could," she said. "It just made my heart happy to be here."

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