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Carrie Underwood Takes a Tumble During Texas Concert

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It's a performer's worst nightmare – you're flaunting your stuff on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans and then suddenly…you fall flat on your butt. Carrie Underwood suffered such a fate when she took a plunge during her concert in Corpus Christi, Texas on Thursday night.

The singer was wearing massive stilettos and a long top that hung very low in the back – a recipe for disaster. She was rocking out and strutting her stuff on stage when a misstep caused her heel to get caught and she took a tumble backwards.

A consummate pro, the former "American Idol" continued singing as though nothing had happened, even though she had injured herself.

Not surprisingly, the good-natured star had a sense of humor about the whole thing, tweeting after the show:

She later tweeted a photo of her left leg in a cast and quipped:

Here's hoping it heals up quickly and that things go more smoothly for Underwood this weekend when she makes her NFL debut, singing the theme song for NBC's "Sunday Night Football."

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