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Carrie Underwood’s New ‘Narnia’ Song–Listen Here First!

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You may have heard that there will be a new Chronicles Of Narnia movie coming just in time for the holiday season--The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader will hit theaters on December 10. For fans of the beloved C.S. Lewis series, that's a nice Christmas gift in and of itself, but here's another little present to add to the mix.

Guess who will be singing a tune on the soundtrack? None other than a name you just might be familiar with--Carrie Underwood, who also cowrote the song specifically for the movie. A self-professed "big fan" of the Narnia series (both books and films), Underwood explains that her tune, titled "There's A Place For Us," speaks to the hero in all of us.

"For everybody, there's a place where you're powerful and where you belong," she relates. "The movie and song are about finding that place where you fit in."

Here's an exclusive first peek at the movie, as well as Underwood's beautiful new song. Enjoy!

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