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Country Hero Craig Morgan Rescues Kids From Burning Building

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While many in the music world were busy with Grammy parties, speculation, and schmoozing on Sunday afternon--country star Craig Morgan was out being a bona fide, lifesaving hero.

Morgan had just returned to his hometown of Dickson in Tennessee after finishing up a string of tour dates, and was looking forward to taking a little break. However, his anticipated R&R had to take a backseat for a bit. After noticing a neighborhood house on fire, he sprang into action, entered the smoke-filled structure, and rescued the people inside--which happened to be two small children.

Morgan, who has worked as a sheriff and emergency medical technician in his past, says he didn't hesitate to jump in and help. "I did what anyone else in the same position would have done," he explained. "I just happened to be the one that was there."

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When firefighters arrived on the scene, Morgan helped them put out the flames with their equipment. Due to his immediate aid, the house sustained only minor damage, and the kids he rescued were unharmed.

I'd say for that act of bravery, he deserves his own awards show!

Morgan does actually have his own show, although it's not anything like the Grammys. He hosts Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors, a reality show on the Outdoor Channel that chronicles his adventures as a hunter and sportsman. He also keeps busy with music, of course, having returned from touring Iraq earlier this month--his ninth overseas visit to play for U.S. troops stationed abroad. He'll return to the (American) road on Wednesday with a show in Jackson, Mississippi.

Pretty cool job by Craig, right? Hey, I sure hope somebody like him is around if my house happens to catch fire. Let me know what you think of his bravery!

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