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Craig Morgan’s Latest Outdoor Challenge Is A Chilly One

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Craig Morgan (Photo: Charles Norfleet)

Country star Craig Morgan has never been one to shy away from a physical challenge—after all, he’s the star of his own outdoor-sports reality TV show, currently going into its fourth season. However, the newest challenge he’s taken on is enough to make even the hardiest sportsperson…well, shiver a bit.

Morgan is planning travel to Sweden in April to embark on the sixth annual Fjällräven Polar—which is a 200-mile dog sled excursion above the Arctic Circle hosted by Swedish outdoors brand Fjällräven. The expedition takes five days, and Morgan will be one of 20 people from 10 countries participating.

Morgan will learn to care for and manage a team of Huskies, as well as practice survival skills in sub-zero temperatures.

The singer, who spent 10 years of active duty in the U.S. Army, is used to pushing himself to the limit. However, even he alludes that his upcoming adventure might prove to be a little extreme.

”Everyone would agree I have been a daredevil all my life,” he noted. “I love to travel to new places and will try just about anything, so when Fjällräven invited me to join them for the Polar, I said ‘yes’ without giving it a second thought.”

In preparation for the event, Morgan is growing a full beard to protect his face against the cold. He’s looking forward to experiencing the Northern Lights and having the opportunity to meet the indigenous people of Sweden while out on the trek.

Morgan’s polar adventures will be detailed on the upcoming fourth season of his show, Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel.


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