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Danica Patrick & Miranda Lambert Go Full-Throttle In “Racy” New Music Video

Lyndsey Parker
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Danica charms a tattooed bad boy with her feminine wiles, midriff

Move over, Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone." Country bad girl Miranda Lambert has just shot her own Thelma & Louise-style road-tripping music video, "Fastest Girl In Town"--and with the ultimate fast girl, very sexily attired race-car driver Danica Patrick, behind the steering wheel, it's definitely one wild ride.

In the mini B-movie, a bare-midriffed Danica plays Thelma to Miranda's Louise (or maybe Louise to Miranda's Thelma), as the two shoot pool and swill beers with a hot himbo in some dusty roadside saloon, then use their feminine wiles to distract said himbo and steal his General Lee-style muscle car. A Cannonball Run-esque car chase, complete with multiple cop cars and a monster truck, ensues. But of course, in the end Danica and Miranda emerge gorgeously unscathed, with nothing but a thirst for more adventure (and more beer).

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Does this mean there will be a sequel? Possibly, since clearly these were the roles Danica and Miranda were born to play. Danica did recently tell ESPN that she and her country co-star totally bonded on the set, saying: "She was really sweet. She's got a lot of pep and a lot of spark. She and I got along. I just feel like she and I are kindred spirits, and we'd be trouble together." So watch this space to see if more onscreen trouble lies on the road ahead for this new dynamite duo.

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