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Did Kid Pick Pickler?

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The latest gossip to hit the Country world is a rumor of the existence of a rather oddly matched couple. We'll just lay it on you: American Idol's Kellie Pickler and "American Bad Ass" Kid Rock.

Last week, a source told the well-known tabloid The Globe that the "romance between Kellie and Kid has been the worst-kept secret in Nashville." The news ran a bit underground in the pop world due to the overwhelming news of Michael Jackson's passing on June 25th, but appears to be fully abuzz now.

Does this sound a bit off? Pickler has been publicly dating (and apparently quite happy with) Kyle Jacobs, a Nashville songwriter who's collaborated with Garth Brooks, among others. The two have been an item since last fall.

And, she noted via Twitter today:

"Wow. the tabloids never cease 2 amaze me. wouldn't it be nice if they were paid 2 speak the truth instead of lies? save your money."

Meanwhile, Kyle Jacobs posted his own tweet this morning:

"it's amazing to me how idiotic the tabloids are...how do you live with yourself when you get paid to lie...? get an honest job, honestly...

Okay, very well. Nonetheless. If the rumor is true, one has to ponder: How on earth does Kid Rock land a gal like Ms. Pickler? The guy's a great entertainer, and more than holds his own in the Country community. But let's face it, he ain't no Southern gentleman. He's from Detroit. Got banned by the FCC for dirty songs about...nevermind. Has had multiple run-ins with the law. Wore a flag at the Super Bowl. Etc., etc.

Meanwhile, here's Kellie, who cries every time she performs "I Wonder"; a newly devoted vegetarian who gave up meat as her response to animal cruelty; who thanks the Lord and apologizes for saying the s-word (that would not be "salmon," either, folks) on her Myspace blog; who is one half of the adorably blond, kid-tested-and-mother-approved Taylor Swift BFF partnership.

And, we can't forget, this would be the second PETA-approved babe Kid's (reportedly) been able to bag. Pam Anderson being the first, of course.

Hm. We're going to bet on the side that this is all just hot air, but time will tell. For what it's worth, rumors are also bubbling that Kid Rock is simultaneously dating former flame Sheryl Crow, whom he attended the CMT Music Awards with a few weeks ago. Probably a bunch of hooey as well, but again--let's hand it to the Kid. Even being able to inspire rumors that he's dating a woman a decade older AND one a decade younger--wasn't there a reality TV show about something like this?

I wonder, indeed. Let us know what you think.

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