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Dierks Bentley’s In The ‘Doghouse’ With New Album

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Here's something cute to start your week off on a good note. There's at least one Dierks Bentley fan out there who isn't thrilled with his new album, Home, due out February 7.

Well, that fan happens to be a furry one--Bentley's dog Jake, whom (human) fans are familiar with as Bentley's frequent co-pilot, accompanying the singer on the road, the red carpet, and even appearing in some of his videos.

Apparently, the pooch had high hopes of gracing Bentley's new album art. Or, so his owner thinks, anyway...

"Got the first copy in my hand," Bentley tweeted of his new record on Monday. "Now the tough part...breaking the news to Jake that he isn't on the cover."

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Hey! I'm not on this cover!

Hey, I gotta say, I know he's just a dog--but Jake sure does look a bit put out by the non-inclusion!

Bentley, who adopted Jake from the pound, describes his pal as a mixed breed--mostly Spitz. No word on what the rest of his family thinks of the album art. But I say, better throw Jake a bone, pronto, Dierks. Looks like you're in the doghouse!

Bentley will be playing a special album release show at Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium on February 2. He's also got a bunch of dates scheduled through April--check here to keep up with his schedule.

Can you hardly wait to hear Dierks's new record (with or without Jake)? Be sure to let me know your thoughts!

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