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Dixie Chick Announces Pregnancy–Is Outed First By Bandmate!

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One of the Dixie Chicks is adding a new little member to the flock!

Emily Robison confirmed to People that she's expecting her fourth child in September. The Chick (and Court Yard Hound) already has three kids by her ex-husband Charlie Robison--9-year-old Gus, and 7-year-old twins Juliana and Henry.

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Emily Robison

This baby will mark the 39-year-old musician's first child with boyfriend Martin Strayer. He or she will also mark the Chicks' 9th child altogether (Martie Maguire has three daughters; Natalie Maines, two sons).

As it turns out, bandmate Natalie Maines leaked the news before it was officially confirmed, tweeting a photo on her personal account of Robison's baby bump last Saturday with the commentary "Dixie Chicks baby #9. Oh my." When fans clamored to know which Chick was knocked up, Maines confirmed it was Robison several times--even going so far to post a shot of Robison's hairbrush (hair loss is a common side effect of pregnancy).

Oh well--since when has Maines ever not been forthright, right?!

Congrats Emily! Can't wait to welcome the new chicklet this fall!

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