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Dolly Parton Wants To Duet With Lady Gaga–Really!

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It seems that once Dolly Parton gets a fun idea in her head, she just can't get it out. Back in spring of 2011, she told E! Online she liked the idea of dueting with none other than...Lady Gaga.

Now, while that may have seemed like just a fanciful idea at the time, apparently Parton is serious about it. She brought the prospect of partnering with the shock-pop diva up again to E! Online at the Hollywood premiere of her new movie, Joyful Noise, on Monday.

"We'd be fun together, don't you think?" Parton noted. "I think people would love that."

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Dolly Parton

Don't expect anything to happen right away, though."Just wait," cautioned Parton. "Those kind of things happen when they're supposed to."

Okay, Dolly. We've got time...just don't keep us waiting too long!

Parton's new flick, a tale of two very different women who band together to save their small-town gospel choir, hits theaters on Friday. The country legend also gave her seal of approval to costar Queen Latifah on Monday, telling E! Online that the Queen should appear on the Grand Ole Opry for a rendition of "Fix Me Jesus."

So...what do you think? Would you rather see Dolly and Gaga perform together, or Queen Latifah on the Opry stage? (Me, I'd take both--sounds like fun either way!) Be sure to let me know.

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