Eddie Cibrian Defends LeAnn Rimes: She ‘Eats More Than I Do Sometimes’

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- "The Playboy Club" star Eddie Cibrian has an issue with the criticism of his wife, LeAnn Rimes, and her figure. "It bothers me because, obviously, I know she's healthy. She eats more than I do sometimes," Eddie told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday's Access Hollywood Live. "She's just a very [conscientious] eater, as far as what she eats. She eats pretty healthy, but she works out pretty hard too and she actually takes pride in the way she looks and it's a shame that people will jump on the bandwagon just because she is fit. And she's far from unhealthy."

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Eddie said his country superstar wife compliments her eating routine with a lot of physical activity.

"She works out like crazy. She works out hard. She boxes. She trains," he said.

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The actor said some of the photos that have surfaced of his wife, have been the odd photo of the bunch - the one that shows her looking slimmer than the rest.

"Whenever you get a picture taken of you, there's always an angle that looks unflattering for anybody and it's unfair to use those pictures as the basis of the way that you actually really look," he said. "She's in fantastic shape and very healthy and I love the way she looks."

Conversely, LeAnn loves the way Eddie looks in his turn as Nick, on NBC's Monday night drama, "The Playboy Club."

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"My wife enjoys the show a lot," he said. "She comes down to the set quite often."

Eddie too seems to enjoy putting on lawyer Nick's sharp suits.

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"When we come on to the set, we get transformed into this world that we're trying to bring to America, to kind of give a glimpse of what it was inside this Playboy Club. So it's fun," he said.

"The Playboy Club" airs on Monday nights at 10 PM ET/PT on NBC

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