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Exclusive: Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Of The Court Yard Hounds!

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I've been talking quite a bit here about the new project from the Dixie Chicks sister-duo Emily Robison and Martie Maguire--a.k.a, the Court Yard Hounds. If you've found time to mosey over to their new official site and get a taste of their music, I'm sure you'll agree the girls are sounding in fine form. I'm really looking forward to their album release in early May.

Here's a little bit of something to get you all even more excited for the new record--Emily and Martie recently taped a series of behind-the-scenes videos documenting the making of their album. This piece is exclusive to Yahoo! Music, and has Emily telling us about the inspiration for the name "Court Yard Hounds," as well as other tidbits explaining their songwriting process. You'll get a glimpse of the sisters at work, plus hear yet more of their brand-new sound.

I hope you all enjoy it--please let me know what you think!

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