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Exclusive! Listen to Justin Moore’s Brand-New, Butt-Kickin’ Single

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What's that Justin's looking at?! (Photo: Slaven Vlasic)

Move over, Sir Mix-A-Lot. Country boys like big butts, they cannot lie, and Justin Moore has just proved it by recording the best ode to the female booty since 1992's "Baby Got Back." Nashville-style, of course!

Moore's new tune, "I'd Want It To Be Yours," discusses in hysterical detail the delights of a particular young woman's badonkadonk. "If there's anybody's a** I'd kiss, I'd want it to be yours," he confirms, making some fun comparisons along the way to other famous rear ends...including those belonging to J. Lo and Kim Kardashian. Listen here first!

"It’s big, it ain’t tiny, I’m diggin’ that hiney" — sing it! Our personal favorite lyric in Moore's rump-shaking tribute is his little parallel to Sir Mix-A-Lot's famous line "36-24-36? Only if she's 5 foot 3." Country boys go big or go home, so Moore's gal is, by his measurements, "36-24-39." Get out those Daisy Dukes, ladies!

Moore will be releasing his latest album, Off The Beaten Path — which includes "I'd Want It To Be Yours" — on September 17. He will be hitting the road later this month for dates through early November. You can check in and keep up with his schedule here.

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