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Exclusive! Sarah Darling Offers Fans An Insider’s Look At Her ‘Barbie Dream Bus’

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Darling's "Barbie Dream Bus"

Ever wonder what life really is like on the road, for an artist spending weeks upon weeks in a tour bus? If it seems like a hard life to get used to--some of your favorite musicians actually manage to make the space a pretty comfortable place to hang.

Case in point: Up-and-coming country "darling" Sarah Darling, who is currently attracting lots of ears with her new single "Home To Me," has managed to make her bus truly a home...to her! In this exclusive clip, she gives an insider's peek at what a tour bus really looks like and how she's customized her pink "Barbie Dream Bus" to make it seem more homelike.

You may be surprised at all the amenities that are available. Darling, whose favorite hobby is cooking, even shows off her mini-kitchen!

Darling is currently in the studio finishing up her upcoming album with producer Dan Huff--she's expecting to release it early next year. If you'd like to keep up with her tour schedule (and maybe check out the pink bus for yourself) check her dates here.

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