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Faith Hill To Start Her Own Fashion Line?

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So--was it just a couple months ago I was discussing Faith Hill's mercurial sense of fashion (in regards to the mixed reviews she received for her 2010 Oscar gown)? How timely, because she may actually be moving into the world of design as a second career.

This week (April 22), Faith appeared as a guest judge for the finale of this season's Project Runway, helping to determine (the oddly coiffed) Seth Aaron Henderson as the top winner of the popular fashion design reality show. She told the Associated Press that her judging stint felt "actually quite natural," citing her appreciation for fine detail and hard work as an asset for the job.

I can buy that. I can also buy that Faith knows her way around haute couture and was by no means a poor choice for the judging slot--in fact, quite a good one. Faith has always been one of Nashville's rarer birds willing to take some serious hits in the name of fashion experimentation, and I'd rather have her judging my theoretical design work than, say, Shania Twain (no offense to Shania).

But that said, I am having a bit of a struggle with her next statement. In which she admits she's open to starting her own fashion line in the future.

"If the right opportunity presents itself, I can guarantee you it would be my passion," she told the AP. "I would put my heart and soul into making it the best it could possibly be."

Okay. Fair enough. But...

"I would design for the women I know and their kids...busy moms with great style."

There's the clinker. Somehow, I just don't see Faith Hill putting her best into a "busy mom" line. Given her extraordinarly mixed track record on the red carpet, I'd expect her to do far better as a designer in the Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen vein--you know, high style, weird, expensive. The idea of Faith attempting a Jacklyn Smith type of affordable line--heck, even one of the "For Target" designer-type deals--just doesn't sound like it would work.

She simply does not strike me as being gifted in the vein of reinventing what an average busy mom would wear. I don't even want her to be doing that. I like her the way she is.

However, Faith did specifically state she'd be desiging for "the women she knows," which given her dual Nashville/Hollywood status probably means women with plenty of money and door-to-door dry cleaning service. Then again, she is outspokenly a small-town girl from Mississippi, whose perfume line is sold at drugstores. Who knows what she's thinking?

Ahh, Faith. I've written before that you are quite the dichotomy, and you always keep me guessing. Here's yet another incident in which I'm not sure quite where you will land. Love ya, girl.

Let me know what you think--would you be interested in purchasing clothes that Faith Hill designed? This busy mom would love to hear your opinions.

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