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Faith Hill’s Funny Super Bowl Ad–Yea Or Nay?

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Anyone who's a Faith Hill fan knows that the Mississippi gal is one big football aficionado. She's performed at the Super Bowl, and has been behind NBC's Sunday Night Football theme song for several years. So, it seems quite fitting that she'd "kick off" her newest partnership--with flower delivery service Teleflora--via a commercial during this year's Super Bowl telecast.

Hill's spot for the company was hyped for a few weeks prior to the big game, promising a Super Bowl-worthy dose of humor. What it turned out to be was a rather short skit titled "Help Me Faith," in which Hill plays straight (wo)man to a sound engineer who is searching for just the right words to honor his girlfriend's, uh, attributes.

In case you missed it, I've got it here for ya to watch. Personally, I wasn't that "bowled" over by it. (OK, no more football puns, I promise.) It's funny, sure, but really not as sharp as I expected. And pretty far from the most amusing commercial all evening.

Still and all, the mildly off-color ad apparently sparked a good deal of online buzz and searches. And it is rather a gas to watch a guy discuss such--er--matters of the heart with America's sweetheart Faith.

Super Bowl nuttiness aside, Hill seems to be excited about her partnership with Teleflora. "They're a great company," she notes. "They have great humor. I've always been a fan of their commercials."

You can see the behind-the-scenes footage of the commercial shoot here, which includes a few bloopers from Hill and (in my opinion, anyway) is kind of funnier than the actual spot itself.

And, guys, listen up: Faith wants you to know that you better order early for Valentine's Day--it's next week! Stumped as to what to do for your girl? Don't, for the love, go pen an ode to her chest. You can check out Teleflora's Faith Hill Collection online and choose one of her arrangements to be delivered.

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The "Valentine's Bouquet" comes complete with a nice ceramic vase and a heart-shaped pendant to keep after the flowers have wilted. Now see, didn't we make that easy for you, dudes?

Did you like Faith's Super Bowl ad? Or, like me, were you a little let down? Be sure to let me know what's on your minds.

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