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Garth Brooks Talks Turkey, Takes A Few Jokes On The ‘Tonight Show’

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As everyone knows, Thanksgiving is just around the corner next week--so, it stands to reason that when Garth Brooks appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night, food was a top subject of discussion.

When asked what special traditions the Brooks family observes for the holiday, Garth, who was in a jovial mood throughout his appearance, deadpanned, "We have a tradition that I don't think anyone else has...we overeat."

He and the audience broke into raucous laughter when Jay fired back, "I noticed back there"--gesturing backstage--"you're celebrating a little early!"

The superstar acknowledged that he doesn't do much in the way of Thanksgiving cooking. "I have a wife who has two New York Times best-selling cookbooks," he noted, giving props to Trisha Yearwood. "I stay the h--l outta the way!"

Jay then took the opportunity to flip through Trisha's latest cookbook and question Garth about a recipe titled "Garth's Breakfast Bowl," showing the audience a photo of the dish--a bowl literally filled with a mishmash of various breakfast foods. "How did you come up with this? Was there an accident at Denny's?"

"Exactly what you think happened," Garth answered, explaining that he simply tossed the remains of his three daughters' breakfast plates into a bowl and mixed it up.

Now for the best part: A freshly prepared "Garth's Breakfast Bowl" was delivered to the set for Jay's approval--and I must say myself, it was seriously leaning on the nauseating side just to look at it. However, both Garth and Jay gamely sampled the concoction.

"Wow, that looks good, brother," approved Garth before digging in. (Okay, this was the point that I personally began busting up hysterically. You've got to watch it for yourself--don't take my word for it.)

Garth also discussed his relationship with Las Vegas developer Steve Wynn, who famously brought him out of retirement last year--including a funny quip about being mistaken for Wynn's security by a bunch of fans one evening--as well as the Lifetime TV movie, Unanswered Prayers, which he executive produced and debuts on the channel November 29.

He also good-naturedly took plenty of abuse from Jay throughout the appearance. When asked what were his specific duties as executive producer on the Lifetime film, he answered, "Hey, I worked my butt off!"

To which Jay replied, "Apparently looks like you got a little more work to do." Ooooh, man!

This Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks for Garth. I just can't help but love the guy. Did his spot on the Tonight Show crack you up as much as it did me? Be sure to let me know what you thought of it!

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