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Garth Brooks To Play Vegas?

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Well, NASA may be bombing the moon and our president receiving Nobel Peace Prizes, but the biggest news I've heard in the past few days is that Garth Brooks is probably coming out of his all-too-lengthy retirement.

And not just half-heartedly coming out of it--after all, he did deliver a handful of shows in 2007, and he has been seen in public playing a few one-off special events (and we mean really special--our aforementioned president's inauguration festivities as an example). Nope, this is the real deal.

The scoop? The biggest-selling solo artist of all time, all genres, is set to headline a series of dates at the Encore/Wynn casino and resort in Las Vegas.

Now, this is something that's been forecasted and hinted at for a few months now, with snoopy folks spotting dinner meetings between Garth and Vegas mogul Steve Wynn this summer. Garth's reps shot down the rumors as they popped up, but it looks like it's finally going to happen.

Local Vegas news outlets are reporting it's a done deal--saying that Garth will take up residency in the theater that was to have been the permanent home of the late Danny Gans. And that there will be a press conference this Thursday to confirm the new headlining act at the Wynn.

Garth's own official website is sporting a portentous banner reading "SOMETHING EXCITING IS COMING...Thursday, October 15," with instructions to "watch live" on the site that day.

So, it's all adding up. I'm actually feeling hot and cold with excitement over this report. Back in the summer of 2007, I attended a press junket in which Garth discussed his music and career to an intimate audience--accompanying himself here and there on an acoustic guitar--and at the risk of sounding cliche, I had shivers running up and down my spine listening to him.

The man is simply, purely, gifted.

We'll keep you posted on Thursday, of course, but my suggestion is to start saving money for your Vegas trip now.    

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