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Gloriana Grows And Blossoms With Sophomore Album

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When you're a fairly young band that's--to put it mildly--knocked it out of the park with your debut album, fans and critics alike tend to wonder one thing: Can you do it again with your next record?

But despite having entered the Billboard all-genre albums chart at a startling No. 3, winning a 2009 American Music Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and generally having started out pretty much right at the top--Gloriana doesn't seem to be feeling any follow-up heat in terms of their upcoming sophomore effort, which they are putting the finishing touches on at the very moment.

In fact, the quartet--an approachable, down-to-earth bunch comprising friends Rachel Reinert and Cheyenne Kimball, plus brothers Tom and Mike Gossin--are cool as can be.

"We've gone through a lot of experiences together, and we've grown as a group, musically and as best friends," notes Mike Gossin of the band's general level-headedness. His main goal for the new record? It will be primarily an "awesome chance" to show fans how Gloriana has developed as artists.

Indeed, the Gloriana guys and gals do exude the kind of comfortable familiarity with each other that's hard to fake. But when it comes time to perform, it's clear that their roles as musicians have flourished since their first days together, as well.

I myself saw the band when they first got together--they visited Yahoo! Music and treated the staff to a short set in our offices. We gave them a standing ovation...they sounded that tight! However, I can only say that they've genuinely gotten even better with a couple years' experience under their belts.

A prime example of this maturation is the fact that the majority of the songs on the new record are written or co-written by the band themselves--including first single "Wanna Take You Home," which was co-written with producer Matt Serletic.

The band considers the lead-off single a personal favorite out of the whole collection. "We're all really proud of it," says Cheyenne Kimball. "The production on it is really amazing."

One standout aspect of Gloriana's appeal is the band's ability to cross over to folks who may not necessarily call themselves "country fans" at heart. The fact that their debut album entered the all-genre album chart so high is a classic indicator that Gloriana has a broad appeal to music fans in general.

And, hey, this is cool with the group. Although they admit that "country music has the most dedicated, loving fans in the world," (I agree!) it's nothing but positive if others want in on the party. "If we can bring people into the genre that maybe didn't listen to it before, then that's all good," says Tom Gossin.

Gloriana will be kept plenty busy with their touring schedule promoting their new music, which starts April 8 and runs through the end of August. You can check out our entire exclusive interview with the band right here.

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