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Gloriana Talks Success And Hanging With Taylor

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Gloriana be! So, here's a blog about the new country sensation Gloriana. My first impression is to mentally calculate all the little authorly cliches I can come up with: Cinderella story, out-of-nowhere, overnight success...y'know, that sorta thing. After all--they are a brand-new act. With a debut album just released a week ago, that landed at No. 3 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart. No small feat for a band you probably never heard about until this year.

But, really, none of my silly cliches are exactly accurate. All the members of Gloriana are fairly seasoned at the business of show business, if not (prior to today) household names. Cheyenne Kimball is the most recognizable face, as a former MTV reality show veteran, but the other three members (brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, and Rachel Reinert) have been working musicians from an early age as well.

This ease with the spotlight clearly came in handy when entering the studio and coming out with a tracklisting that managed to hit No. 1 at iTunes the first day of release. "I didn't realize how many people knew about us. It's so cool," Kimball told us via Twitter in a chat on Wednesday.

Upon hearing the news that her band's debut had hit near the top of the charts, she told us, "I called my momma first...and then got on stage to play a show!"

And--again with the cliches, sorry--not just ANY show, here. The group landed the opening slot on Taylor Swift's Fearless Tour; a plum gig for any act of any musical stripes. Kimball is nonchalant when asked how the group is handling this massive dose of exposure: "For some reason, it was an easy transition for us. I guess we were all born to do it. I'm not overwhelmed at all. Taking it day by day...just feels amazing."

And how's it hanging on the road with the reigning princess of not only country but pop as well? "We are having the best time on the tour. It's like summer camp," Kimball says. "Tay is an angel." 

An unexpected perk of hanging out with Swift: "I love talking to her about guys...she gives the best advice," notes Kimball, who admits "I pretty much have a new crush every day."

When pressed to reveal, she only will say, "Oh, I don't give away my crushes!"

Hey, congrats Gloriana--and keep on being wild at heart, Cheyenne!

You can read Yahoo! Music's entire chat with Gloriana by searching #gtbw on Twitter.

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