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Gwyneth Paltrow Reportedly Signs Record Deal, ‘Country-Pop’ Album In Works

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Some people think she's an amazing singer; some folks say she should stick to her (already very successful) day job. However, like or hate her as a musician--it appears as if Gwyneth Paltrow is now professionally in the game. Several sources are reporting the Oscar-winning actress has just signed a deal with Atlantic Records to put out her first solo album later this year.

The agreement is reportedly in the $900k range, and the genre she'll be concentrating on is "country-pop."

Paltrow, who has dabbled in singing in her past (notably, a pop single with Huey Lewis for the movie Duets), surprised many fans last year when she was cast to portray a troubled Nashville star in the film Country Strong. Further interest was garnered when she accepted the task of doing her own singing for the role.

The results were largely successful. Despite some negative public opinion, she went on to chart a single on country radio, perform at the 2010 Country Music Association Awards and this year's Grammy and Academy Awards, win accolades from Country Strong co-star Tim McGraw, and receive acclaim from film critics for her vocal aptitude. Additionally, she's enjoying considerable popularity from her involvement with the popular musical show Glee, on which she will appear for the second time Tuesday night.

In other words: There's been a keen eye (and ear) on her musical endeavors for some time now, so the announcement of her new deal should come as not too big of a shock to anyone who's been following along.

Paltrow hinted at the possibility of a record deal while strutting the red carpet at the Oscars in February. "We're talking about it now," she said, without confirming any details.

Paltrow is, of course, the wife of Chris Martin--frontman for multiplatinum-selling rock/pop band Coldplay--so her new endeavor will make for two professional musicians in the family.

What do you think about Paltrow cutting a bona fide country album on her own? To refresh your memory if you haven't heard her lately, here's an exclusive performance of the Oscar-nominated tune "Coming Home," from Country Strong. Let me know what you think.

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