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Hank Williams Jr. Urges Fans To ‘Take Back The Country’ In 2012

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Hank Williams Jr. is certainly taking advantage of an election year in order to make his political views crystal clear. Yep, he's at it again, and targeting his usual favorite enemy--our current administration.

According to a show review in the Des Moines Register, Williams pulled no punches during his appearance at the Iowa State Fair Friday night.

"We've got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S.," Bocephus told the crowd. "And we hate him!" Reportedly, the audience responded with enthusiastic cheers to this announcement.

Hmm, guess he'll be voting for Romney, then! Ya think?

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Or perhaps not...the "rowdy" singer seems to have some ideas of his own. On Monday, he posted a new image to his website and social media, with the caption "Are y'all ready to help take back this great country?"

The image, which shows a red, beige, and blue rendition of Williams's face, is a clear play on President Obama's famous "Hope" poster which he utilized during his 2008 campaign. Williams's version includes the slogan "Taking Back The Country 2012," with a poignant slash through the 0. No explanation is given as to what exactly his plans are, but the star is urging fans to switch their profile pics to the new image.

This isn't the first time the iconic Hope poster has been tinkered with, of course. Critics and fans of the Obama administration alike have fiddled with it--a popular "Obama Yourself" program even allowed anyone to upload a photo of themselves, their friends, or even their dog to create a personalized version of the imagery.

Also in the "of course" files--this isn't the first time Williams has slammed Obama. Last year, he infamously lost his longtime ties with ESPN when he compared the president to Hitler on Fox & Friends.

Hank Jr. is currently promoting his new album, Old School New Rules, which dropped last month and contains a number of songs with political and patriotic themes.


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