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Happy 21st Birthday, Taylor Swift!

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There aren't too many milestones that Taylor Swift has not already managed to conquer in her short lifetime. However, here's one she had no choice but to wait for--December 13 is the day she was born, and this year, she's celebrating an extra-special milestone birthday. Yep, she's turning 21!

Swift's festivities started the evening of the 12th with a casual get-together, when she tweeted about friends knocking on her door with a birthday-candle-studded pizza and party hats. She has been discussing her big party plans for a couple months now, having told various outlets she'd like to have a Christmas-themed party, possibly in her Nashville condo.

Of course, turning 21 also means that one is legally allowed to purchase alcohol. Swift told US Weekly that drinking isn't a huge focus for her. "My friends drink, but I've never felt the need to," she noted, adding that she's more excited about having access to the 21-and-over clubs her pals attend.

As for birthday gifts? Given Swift's well-known romantic streak, we're betting that her new romance with actor Jake Gyllenhaal--whom she was reportedly visiting in Los Angeles over the weekend--is the best present of all. No word on whether Gyllenhaal will be joining her in Nashville for her birthday celebrations...we'll have to wait and see what happens.

In other Swift news, cosmetics giant Cover Girl confirmed that her ads for the company's new line, NatureLuxe, will appear next month.

Here's a sneak preview of the ads, in which she appears swathed in pale green material.

Meanwhile, Swift will barely have time to gulp a glass of wine before it's time to embark on her worldwide Speak Now tour, which launches in February.

Happy birthday, Taylor! Cheers to you!

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