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Happy Valentine’s Day, Blake Shelton-Style!

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Can y'all handle one more Valentine's Day-related topic this week? I promise, I'll make this one worth your while. This one goes out to all the anti-hearts-'n-flowers types out there.

Avid followers of country's most ribald Tweeter, Blake Shelton, know from his social media conversations that he's got a bit of an off-color sense of humor. Most of us who like him, like that too. So, here's some good news: You can send your friends and family a Blake-approved Valentine, complete with some of his most famous lines.

All you have to do is visit Blake's site and access his Blakemail feature (which is up front and center this weekend). There you can choose one of three greetings. Here's the tamest of the three:

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This is a family blog so I'll let you see the other two for yourself, but rest assured they're a bit more PG-13. My personal fave involves my personal fave song title of all time, "Kiss My Country A**." (My mom will really love that one, I'm sure!)

To deliver the Blakemail, you can post to your Facebook or Twitter account and invite friends to open the mail, which will play Blake's coordinating song to the message.  It may not exactly put a warm and loving glow in your sweetie's eyes, but it's guaranteed to make him or her laugh. And hey, it's cheaper than flowers or chocolates! (It's free, actually.)

I'm pretty sure Blake will be doing something a bit more elaborate for fiancee Miranda Lambert this Valentine's Day--but I bet it will have some humor involved anyway. Anybody want to take any guesses?

What do you think of Blake's Valentine's Day idea? Be sure to let me know if you try it out!

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