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Hear A Full Preview Of Tim McGraw’s ‘Emotional Traffic’

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There's one best way to describe Tim McGraw's forthcoming album Emotional Traffic: Fans have been waiting a looong time for this. (Since 2009's Southern Voice, to be exact--which is too long for most of you out there...right?)

Emotional Traffic, McGraw's last collection of brand-new material for longtime label Curb Records, won't hit the streets for another week (you'll be able to purchase it January 24), but we here at Our Country are here to alleviate the pain of anticipation a little bit.

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Emotional Traffic

All this week, you can listen to our full preview of Emotional Traffic. Every song, all the way through! Just click the play button below and you'll be treated to the full Emotional experience!

Following is the tracklisting. You can preorder the record here. Enjoy, and please don't hesitate to tell me what you think of Tim's new material!

1. Halo
2. Right Back Atcha Babe
3. One Part, Two Part
4. I Will Not Fall Down
5. The One
6. Better Than I Used To Be
7. Touchdown Jesus
8. The One That Got Away
9. Felt Good On My Lips
10. Hey Now
11. Only Human
12. Die By My Own Hand

Emotional Traffic

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