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Hollywood Stars Arquette, McConaughey Shine Bright In New Country Videos

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Say there, country music stars--isn't little ol' Nashville good enough for you anymore? This month alone, two major country artists have released videos filmed out West, as well as studded the productions with famous friends from Hollywood.

And both videos, coincidentally, have pretty hilarious storylines to boot. Let's take a look.

The first video, Rascal Flatts' "Why Wait," was shot in fabulous Las Vegas and details all the shenanigans of a wild bachelor party. (Well, that is, if the last bachelor party you went to included Carrot Top half-naked in your hotel room--eek!--and Wayne Newton at your craps table. Don't they all?)

Ironically, the video stars David Arquette as the bachelor being feted and includes a wedding scene at the end. The timing is just a bit too weird, given that Arquette recently made real-life headlines for separating from wife Courteney Cox. But it's a funny clip that's guaranteed to give you a laugh, if only to see Gary LeVox in both a snorkeling mask and a pastel tuxedo. (Yep, it's true. Watch.)

The second clip, Jamey Johnson's "Playing The Part," literally "goes Hollywood"--not only was it directed by Johnson's bona fide movie-star pal Matthew McConaughey, it's shot against a backdrop of Los Angeles-area hotspots such as the Sunset Strip, Venice Beach, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

McConaughey actually stars in this video as well as directs it, and he even performs a totally honkytonk-worthy hoedown (which alone makes it worth your while to watch; it's hysterical). However, you won't see his actual face until the end.

Now that I've clued you in to that little piece of info, see if you can guess who he is before the clip is finished. Don't worry--it's not too hard to figure out!

So, what do you fans out there think about all this Tinseltown in your Nashville? Be sure to let me know!

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