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How Far Will Luke Bryan Go To Get Your ACM Vote?

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The nominations for this year's Academy Of Country Music Awards are out, and while Lady Antebellum--with an amazing seven nods--may be the band grabbing all the headlines this week, here's something from another artist that you're surely not going to want to miss.

Luke Bryan is up for Top New Solo Vocalist at the ACMs. This is one of three new-artist categories that fans can vote on to help determine the winner (visit http://www.voteacm.com/ until March 12 to cast your own ballot).

Luke really wants to win this award. A lot of his friends want him to win it, too.

In fact, his friends all want him to win so much, they created this fun little viral video to convince you all to get online and put in your personal support for Luke.

Disclaimer: I'm not going to play favorites, because Jamey Johnson and Chris Young are also up for Top New Vocalist, and I like them a lot, too. But, I will give you a few reasons to at least check out Luke's call to action.

1) It's funny as hell. I swear.

2) I'll give you a little challenge here. Try and count how many of Luke's famous friends you can identify. I think you'll be a little startled at some of the faces that pop up.

3) Country stereotypes such as "riding your lawnmower to the liquor store," "living in double-wides," "people with two first names," and a whole slew of equally rich others are explored.

4) I don't want to spoil the fun here, but I will give a bit of a spoiler in hopes it will get you to watch the video. Luke Bryan parades around in an outfit that actually makes Blake Shelton (oops, gave away one of his friends!) gag. Yep, ol' Blake actually gags at the sight of this outfit. You have to see for yourself.

Now, are you going to watch? You know you are, right?! Let me know what you think. A virtual high-five to the first one who correctly lists every star in the video. Have fun!

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