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I’ll Have A Three, Please

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Animal-rights group People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals has announced the winners of its "Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities Contest"--and, we've got a country gal topping the list.

This isn't the first time a Nashville goddess has won the honor for meat-free hottie. Kellie Pickler's good pal and veggie mentor Carrie Underwood has taken the title twice (she famously donned a "V Is for Vegetarian" T-shirt on American Idol) and Shania Twain was the inaugural winner of the user-driven poll back in 2001.

Given that Nashville is a town famed for its BBQ and "Meat n' Three" joints, having a troika of country stars topping the Sexy list is quite the irony. (BTW--as a vegetarian myself, I can vouch that one can partake of the local Nashville fare, sans meat, without feeling one bit deprived. Two words: FRIED PICKLES!)

Now. What's missing here is no country dudes winning the PETA prize. Is it sissy or something to belly up to the counter and order a Three, Hold The Meat? C'mon, guys. Like Big & Rich said: Save a horse! Maybe if Kellie, Carrie, and Shania offered to dress in salad bikinis a la PETA's Lettuce Ladies, we might get a few male converts, eh?

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