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It’s Official: LeAnn Rimes Is Engaged

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After months of speculation, gossip, and denials--it's finally a done deal. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are engaged to be married.

"For those who haven't read, Eddie and I got engaged over the holidays. That's the news. It's for real this time and the first time EVER!" Rimes tweeted Monday afternoon to fans.

Rimes's reference to "first time ever" refers to the numerous false alarms generated in regards to the couple's possible engagement over the past few months. While many of these were purely fan speculation (and firmly denied by Rimes), Rimes and Cibrian themselves fueled the fire by posting a staged proposal photo on Twitter Halloween weekend, showing Cibrian down on bended knee. (Rimes later explained the photo was simply meant as a joke.)

This time, it seems to certainly be no fooling around. According to People magazine, Rimes and Cibrian were spotted over the weekend on a Malibu beach, with Rimes sporting a new, 5-carat oval diamond ring.

The engagement comes as a happy surprise to fans of the singer and her actor beau. As followers of the couple well know, Rimes and Cibrian's romantic path has been controversial--to say the least--resulting in considerable and often negative attention from the public. The pair met while filming the Lifetime original movie Northern Lights, and fell in love while still married to their respective spouses.

Rimes has had a long and bitter battle in the press with Cibrian's ex, Brandi Glanville, who has been publicly disapproving of the relationship, as well as Rimes's relationship with Glanville and Cibrian's two young sons. Rimes also fielded criticism for her openness about her affair and subsequent decline of her 7-year marriage to Dean Sheremet, which she discussed in such outlets as Shape magazine.

However, it seems that the past is indeed just that--the past. And sunny days are ahead for the new couple.

"Thank you for all your well wishes!! We are extremely excited and look forward to a beautiful future," Rimes tweeted in response to fans' congratulations. "It's been an incredible last few days, I was shocked!!! We are blessed, our families are so happy and our lives are filled with love."

May we at Our Country add our congrats to the list, LeAnn? You've been through a lot over the past year, and I am genuinely happy to hear the news.

Are all of you pleased to hear LeAnn and Eddie will finally be making it official? Be sure to let me know your thoughts.

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