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Jack Ingram: Two New Records In One Week

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Country music stars are working harder and harder these days. Jack Ingram has a new record out this week, Big Dreams & High Hopes. But apparently, he felt he needed to have two records out to really make a splash!  

The second record? Well, he broke a Guinness World Record this morning. He set a new threshhold for "Most Consecutive Radio Interviews In A 24-Hour Period."

Now, admittedly, I never knew there was a category for this. I thought you only get in the book of Records if you are, like, the fattest man on earth or Elvis Presley or something. But I have to admit, it's pretty cool!

Jack chose his record release date (8/25) as a good a time as any to try and beat the record, and--starting at 8 a.m. EST--he completed 215 interviews (including some international ones) in the day's stretch. I am guessing he did not sleep. Good times! His official quote upon ending? "After the last 24 hours, I officially have nothing left to say."

CMT.com exclusively streamed the entire event, which is reportedly the longest continuous stream the site has ever attempted. We think you must have to be a REAL BIG FAN to have watched the entire thing. Hell, I don't think you could get fans to watch 24 hours of anything these days, even Elvis Presley AND the fattest man on earth making a postmortem appearance online. (Wait...the fat guy is dead, right?)

Still, I think I might like to fast-forward through to the later interviews; the ones conducted after poor Jack's been up all night. We've met Jack a couple times here at Yahoo! Music, and he's a really nice guy, but you have to wonder--did he lose it and scream (or, heck, croak?), "Dude! I ALREADY ANSWERED THAT QUESTION ABOUT THE DAMN SECOND SINGLE 214 TIMES ALREADY!"

I'll just bet he had high hopes after finishing all those up. I certainly would. As it is, there's no rest for the weary. He went straight back to his tour schedule--he's off to play Dallas tonight, Austin tomorrow, and will open three nights for Toby Keith in California to round out the week.

Somebody give this man a Halls sponsorship pronto, willya?

BTW, as for your other record, Jack--the one with the music--it's awesome! We at Y! Music give you a (raspy) thumbs-up!

Let us know what you think about Jack Ingram's record-breaking status.

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