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Jamey Johnson Wants To Save You A “Dollar”!

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One can say that life has sure turned around for Jamey Johnson. After suffering a double-punch to the gut--the loss of his record deal with BNA, plus the breakup of his marriage--back in 2006, the singer-songwriter decided to take some time out of the public eye, duck down behind the scenes, and concentrate on writing for other artists.

He wrote a couple of jingles for a few little artists like George Strait and Trace Adkins, which just happened to become massive hits, then finally decided to re-enter the studio himself in 2007. His resulting album, 2008's That Lonesome Song, earned him no less than three Grammy nominations, as well as an Academy of Country Music award for song of the year. 

Now he's back this summer with a brand-new single "My Way To You," which is from his forthcoming album scheduled to be released this fall. Jamey is as cool as ever on this new tune--we loved him back in the BNA days, and he's just getting better and better--so we're pleased to let everyone know that you can download it for free all this week at his site, www.jameyjohnson.com. (You can purchase it next week at all the usual digital suspects.) So hey, I guess that means he's saving you "The Dollar" he sang about a while back--har har har!

OK, so that was pretty bad. (Snicker.) But the song's good. We swear.

Run on over and check it out. Let us know what you think!

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