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John Rich's Guide to a Country Thanksgivukkah

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John Rich on 'Rich at Night' (TVGN)

Honoring the great combination of holidays that's upon us may be easier than you think. Especially if you're a country music fan.

Wait, what?! Believe it. We brought John Rich, whose new variety show, "Rich at Night," debuts on TV Guide Network Monday night, into our New York City studios to treat us to a little Thanksgivukkah ditty and give us some tips on what he refers to as a holiday "juggernaut."

While Rich is not Jewish, he admits he's learned an appreciation for the culture thanks to a dear friend.

"It sounds like you're at a bar mitzvah," he said after performing his "mashugana"-filled tune before explaining. "One of my go-to players in Nashville is named Jonathan Yudkin and he's … like a one-man string section. I've known him for 15 years. Any Yiddish or old school stuff I know, I know from Jonathan Yudkin."

Apparently, that stuff he knows is quite a bit. Enough, in fact, to help him whip up a tune on the spot and come up with eight easy tips – one for each night of the Festival of Lights – for celebrating Thanksgivukkah … with a country twist.

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Among the highlights are: "Two words: Moonshine and Manischewitz … from a red Solo cup, of course," and "Once you're finished splashing that whisky in your glass, splash a little in your noodle kugel." Naturally, he also croons his big hit, "Save a turkey, make a latke!"

"Rich at Night" premieres Monday on TVGN at 8 p.m., featuring appearances from Wayne Brady, Wynonna Judd, Gretchen Wilson, and more in the variety show taking place right in Rich's home.

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