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Keith Urban And ‘Idol’ Cohorts Get A Racy Surprise On ‘Tonight Show’

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Photo: Twitter/@jayleno

Why do Keith Urban, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest look so horrified in the above pic? Oh boy—the reason is definitely one for the ladies out there!

When the American Idol stars showed up on The Tonight Show Thursday night, Jay Leno had a big surprise for Urban. After a fairly tame discussion of Idol and fellow judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, Leno suddenly decided to steam things up a bit.

“Tell me about this?” Leno said, pulling out…a blown-up photo of Urban from his infamous 2001 Playgirl pictorial, in which he poses with a strategically placed guitar.

Fans of Urban know all too well that he posed for the magazine back in the day, but judging from the raucous audience reaction—it was news to many!

“Ryan! Close your eyes,” commanded Jackson. “This is not for the faint of heart!”

“People are eating at home right now,” pleaded Urban.

“You didn’t vet him?” Leno joked to Jackson and Seacrest. “You would not have had him if you’d known there were naked photos?!”

“That falls into what the hell was I thinking,” laughed Urban. “But I’m just glad I play guitar and not harmonica!”

For all that, Urban did manage to have the last laugh--Leno didn’t let Seacrest and Jackson off the “revealing photos” hook either. After having fun teasing Urban, the host happily embarrassed the other two guests, showing the audience a shot of Seacrest in a tiny Speedo; as well as one of Jackson posing on a bed and barely covered by a towel.


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