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Keith Urban Surprises East Coast Commuters With Train-Station Sets

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The fact that Keith Urban's brand-new album, Get Closer, hit the streets on Tuesday may have been a bit overshadowed by the news that the Beatles are joining the iTunes catalog. However, Urban managed to find a fun way to make his new music top-of-mind--at least for a crowd of lucky east-coast commuters.

It all started with a tweet early in the morning: "Hey New York City, if you're in the Penn Station area right now, come by and see me for a bit..." accompanied by a shot of a mike, guitar, and amp set-up.

Morning commuters passing through Penn Station were then thoroughly surprised to experience an impromptu set from a sort-of-familiar looking busker...Hey, wait a minute! That really is Keith Urban!

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"Thank you for missing your train today!" the singer joked with the crowd, which pressed in close enough to almost touch Urban. The intimate mini-concert included the first single from his new album, "Put You In A Song"; as well as the perennial fan favorite "Days Go By."

After the set, Urban hopped on a train to Philadelphia, tweeting to fans, "Meet me at 30th Street Station (Amtrak) on Market Street at 1PM today. See you there!" True to his word, he played again for an appreciative Philly crowd.

The Australian superstar has a busy week planned in order to promote Get Closer--he'll be playing NBC's Today Show on Wednesday, and CBS's Early Show Thursday. He'll also be visiting Oprah Winfrey's show to tape an episode for future airing. Next week, he'll be performing at halftime for the Thanksgiving Day New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys football game, which will air on Fox.

Did you happen to be in NYC the morning of Keith's surprise show? Be sure to report your thoughts here!

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