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Kellie Pickler Goes To ‘Beverly Hills’!

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Let's count the ways Kellie Pickler and her good friend Carrie Underwood are alike: They're both American Idol alumni, both blond, both newlyweds, both vegetarian...oh, and both will soon be able to boast of budding acting gigs to compliment their successful musical careers.

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Pickler will be dipping her toes into the acting world very soon--she'll be appearing on the upcoming season of The CW series 90210 this fall. According to TvLine, Pickler will play the character of "Sally"--who, fortuitously enough, is meant to be a country singer. (Beverly Hills isn't exactly famous for housing country singers, true. But "Sally" is apparently the cousin of a cowboy-styled newcomer character who will also be making his debut on the show.)

Pickler will also reportedly be performing her new single, "Tough," during the episode in which she appears.

For those who scoff that playing a country singer isn't acting at all in this case, Pickler has the following comeback: "My zip code growing up was a long way from 90210, so it will definitely be acting."

In all seriousness, the singer notes that she's a little nervous to take on the new challenge, but that it will be, in her opinion, "a fun and unique place to perform 'Tough.'"

There's no confirmation yet on which episode Pickler will first appear--but the new season of 90210 premieres September 13, with following episodes every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

In addition to her acting endeavor, Pickler's busy at the moment finishing up her third album, from which "Tough" is the first single.

Will you be watching Kellie make her acting debut? Let me know if you think she'll be a good character for the series.

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