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Kellie Pickler Says Yes To Snakes, No To Tradition For Upcoming Wedding

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Well, the whirlwind of Carrie Underwood's wedding is over. We aren't getting a whole lot of news about Miranda Lambert's upcoming nuptials. But never fear, country music fans--bride-to-be Kellie Pickler is starting to spill the details about her big day. And it sounds like it's going to be quite untraditional!

For starters, Pickler, who's a big supporter of animal rights, says she and fiance Kyle Jacobs hope to include their menagerie of non-human friends in their church ceremony. And, we're not just talking about having a dog dressed up in a mini-tuxedo, as Underwood did at her wedding. Pickler is talking about having her reptile buddies in the mix. "I'm thinking of having the python be the ringbearer," she told PEOPLE this week.

Of course, the furry pets won't be left out, either. "We've been talking about incorporating the dogs--they're like our kids. But we wouldn't want an accident to happen down the aisle," she quipped.

Another uncommon move Pickler's chosen for her wedding: A lack of moves. There will be no traditional first dance at the reception. The reason? Pickler claims her fiance is "a disaster" on the dance floor.

"He's a snapper," she said. "He just sways back and forth and snaps his finger." (For what it's worth, this seems sort of odd--Jacobs most definitely does not lack rhythm, as he's a very successful Nashville songwriter who's composed hits for Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw.)

However, amid all the giddy fun of planning the event, Pickler expressed a sober mood over one element: Her late, beloved grandmother, who raised her, is not here to help choose a bridal gown.

"Trying on wedding dresses. Wish my grandma was here," she tweeted on August 10. "It's been a long, emotional, and spiritual day.

"Please know that your sweet tweets helped me get through the day," she thanked her friends and fans on Twitter.

Jacobs proposed to Pickler on June 15, which was her grandmother's birthday.

Can't wait to hear more about the Pickler-Jacobs wedding--it sounds like a wild time, no? Be sure to let me know your thoughts!

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