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Kenny Chesney For Super Bowl 2011

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So--the Super Bowl is way over and done. And opinion on the Who's halftime show is...mixed, to say the least. I'm sure many of you have checked out this blogger's list of performers that, in his opinion, could play the Bowl successfully (utilitzing a solid mix of factors such as commercial success, mass appeal, and plain old family-friendly oomph).

I have to say, as usual--Rob's on the money. He's good. But just one thing, here. Rob's list didn't include any country artists. And, much to my delight, the first reader's comment to the blog entry said just that: "Country artists?" (As in, where are they on this list, dude?!)

Now, I can easily see why Rob didn't put any country acts down. (The Eagles maybe kind of count, but not really.) The country format is an odd animal. It has a tremendous and rapidly diversifying audience; more so than probably most other formats out there (yeah, yeah, I've talked about this a billion times already). However, it has a built-in insularity that is unique to a category of its size.

Given this, it's not really surprising that country acts have rarely performed at the traditional halftime blowout. Back in 1994, there was a "Rockin' Country Sunday," featuring Clint Black, Tanya Tucker, Travis Tritt, and the Judds. Shania Twain belted out "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" in 2003. Kid Rock showed up the following year, but I don't think anyone recalls anything about that particular halftime except Janet Jackson (yeah--it was that show, remember?).

All in all, a rather dismal record for such a powerhouse genre of music...I gotta say.

However, this year's National Anthem performance by Carrie Underwood seemed to be well-received (except for her outfit--what the heck was up with those shoes, Carrie?). And, now, Kenny Chesney is saying he'd like to play Super Bowl 2011. "That'd be fun," he told ESPN on February 5, just prior to this year's big game.

A Wisconsin country-radio DJ was so excited by the idea of Kenny playing next year, that he's petitioning on its behalf--he's even started a Facebook page dedicated to Chesney Halftime 2011. "Let's get these boring half-time shows out of the Super Bowl," his petition reads. (You can join the group and get more information by clicking here--more than 2,000 folks already have signed up.)

Naturally, I'm liking this idea. I can't think of a better country artist to play next year's halftime show. Kenny's an outspoken football fan, and he's all about partying and having a good time. And despite being a--gasp!--country artist, he's got a pretty big dose of mass appeal.

Sure, he's not Fleetwood Mac, but let's be truthful here--I didn't think Stevie Nicks sounded all that much better than Taylor Swift at the Grammys.

Let me know what's on your mind. Is Kenny a good choice for next year's Super Bowl show or not?

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