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Kix Brooks Enters The Acting World

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Here's one thing I bet you never knew about Kix Brooks: He was a theater major in college! Given that, it probably will come as no surprise that the former one-half of now-retired duo Brooks & Dunn is planning on dabbling in the acting world.

Brooks confirmed in a webchat Monday that he'll have a part in the upcoming independent film Thriftstore Cowboy, noting that he will be shooting in Phoenix up until the day before Thanksgiving.

"It's a pretty cool movie," he said. "Kinda like a darker version of Urban Cowboy. I'm [playing] a bad guy--he's not all bad in the end, but he's hooked up with some really bad guys and he's trying to hang with them."

Given his college major, it seems as if the acting world should have beckoned to Brooks long ago--but, as he explained, he's only managed so far to make a few cameos on film as part of Brooks & Dunn. "I never really had the time," he noted, citing B&D's touring schedule as the main reason. "It'll be interesting to take a shot at it...I've always thought it would be fun."

Brooks did admit he's had his chance at the small screen--namely, the hit TV shows Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With The Stars--but he turned down both offers to join the seasonal casts. "Dancing With The Stars looks too hard," he said. "I'm probably the clumsiest person on earth."

As for Celebrity Apprentice? "I really just can't imagine giving up two weeks of my life to make paper dolls for Donald Trump," he joked, adding that he thought his pal Trace Adkins did a great job when he appeared a couple of seasons ago.

Until Brooks's movie comes out, fans can still keep up with him as he hosts American Country Countdown, a job he's been enjoying since 2006. You can watch his full webchat from Monday here.

Are you looking forward to seeing Kix's acting debut? Think he'll be any good at his new endeavor? Be sure to let me know what's on your mind!

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