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Lady Antebellum Recreates “Worst Gig Ever” At Wisconsin Gas Station

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How do you know you've truly hit the big time in the music world? When you can look back at your first, worst gigs; then have a good laugh, and say, "Wow, we sure came a long way from that."

Of course, if you're part of the award-winning trio Lady Antebellum, whose fame has accelerated at rocket speed since their debut on the Nashville scene in 2007, that horrible gig was only a mere three years ago. Regardless, theirs was a pretty dismal affair by any standards: Playing a midwestern gas station to a handful of disinterested deer hunters at the crack of dawn.

That said, you also know you've hit the big time when you are granted the opportunity to redo that "worst gig ever." Which is just what Lady Antebellum got to do on Thursday--the country superstars gave a free show outside the Mayfield Mobil station in suburban Milwaukee, right near the original site of their infamous not-so-stellar set.

This time, more than 1,000 people showed up--and needless to say, it wasn't to fill up their tanks.

The trio was in a peppy mood, playing their hit "Need You Now," as well as "I Run To You" and "American Honey." They kept things playful by throwing out wisecracks throughout their short set, to much laughter from the audience.

"Does this mean we get free gas from here, any time we play here?" singer Charles Kelley quipped. "Because our bus takes about 300 gallons."

The band took questions from the audience following their performance, fielding queries ranging from their interest in deer hunting to whether or not they are Packers fans.

When asked how fame has changed them, singer Hillary Scott joked, "My heels have definitely gotten higher," but then added, "Honestly, with the three of us being in a band together, there's very much a grounding effect. We don't let any of us get the 'big head.'"

Lady A isn't all talk in regards to being down-to-earth. The band even took the time to clarify that their original "worst gig" wasn't really all that bad in the end--in fact, they thought it turned out to be a lot of fun.

The band will undoubtedly get several chances to fight "big heads" this winter--they're up for five awards at the Country Music Association Awards on November 10, five at the American Music Awards on November 21, and seven at the inaugural American Country Awards December 6.

You can take a look at the highlights of the gas station show here. Be sure to let me know what you think!

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