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Lady Antebellum Set To Make ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut

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Those who watch Saturday Night Live on a regular basis can attest to one thing--although the show is famous for booking musical guests of the highest pop-culture order, it's very rare a country artist is invited to play. Yep, it's true. Country artists consistently top the Billboard 200 album chart, but they barely ever make it on the SNL set. I mean, C'mon, SNL, get with the times, already!

Or wait--I'll take that back. The venerable late-night program has just booked a country artist for early in its upcoming 37th season. And a fine one they've picked, indeed: Lady Antebellum will be the musical guest on October 1. (Rock act Radiohead will kick off the season premiere a week earlier.)

The host for Lady A's evening will be actress Melissa McCarthy of sitcom Mike & Molly fame. You probably will remember her from this year's hit flick Bridesmaids as well. Both Lady A and McCarthy will be making their debut appearances on SNL.

The timing of their appearance on the famous show couldn't be better for Lady A, as the trio will have very recently released their much-awaited third album, Own The Night (which lands in stores September 13). However, it's doubtful that the multiplatinum-selling and multi-Grammy-winning band will really be in need of extra publicity. After all, the lead single from the upcoming project, "Just A Kiss," just hit No. 1 on the Billboard country singles chart.

You can tune in to Saturday Night Live October 1 on NBC to catch Lady A's performance; the show airs at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. Are you planning to watch? I am! Let me know your thoughts. 

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