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LeAnn Rimes Dons Bikini For “America’s Got Talent” Performance

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That LeAnn Rimes! Whatever anyone thinks of her--she certainly has chutzpah.

What has she done now? Well, for one, she's back on Twitter after declaring herself done with social media last month--a remarkably short break for such a public announcement. But that kind of pales to her latest ballsy move. This week, she stripped down to appear in just a bikini to perform her current single, "Swingin'," on NBC's reality show America's Got Talent.

Well, actually, saying she just "appeared" in a bikini kind of does her a disservice. She not only "appeared"--she cartwheeled, flipped, skipped, kicked a beach ball, and shook her tush--all looking unbelievably toned and hot. Nary a jiggle anywhere. Forget about any of her past transgressions, gals. I officially give you permission to hate her now...ha, ha!

Rimes cheerfully responded to fan praise on her Twitter account, saying she was "incredibly proud" of her performance, and noting with an emoticon wink that "performing in a bikini in front of 26 million people keeps you going." Well, yes, I suppose that certainly would, but I'll just have to take her word for it!

She also previewed her AGT performance with a picture of herself posing in the bikini alongside (a very happy-looking!) boyfriend Eddie Cibrian.

Rimes seems to be in no shortage of energy these days--she's chugging right along with her life, most recently moving Cibrian (who is finalizing his divorce to wife Brandi Glanville) and his two young sons into her Los Angeles home. Her new album of cover tunes, Lady & Gentlemen, which contains "Swingin'," is set to be released October 5.

What did you think of LeAnn's bikini romp on TV? She looked pretty good, huh? Be sure to let me know your opinion!

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