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LeAnn Rimes Regrets “Breaking The Heart Of The Only Man Who’s Ever Loved Me”

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Okay, LeAnn Rimes, in my Country Predictions for 2010 blog entry a few weeks back, I stated that you would not stay with your illicit lover Eddie Cibrian. I was joking around (kinda), but I'm starting to wonder if maybe this will actually be the case.

According to a report from US Magazine, LeAnn is already starting to doubt her split from husband Dean Sheremet. Or, at least, doubt her actions in this regard, in general.

The gossip mag noted that on Monday, LeAnn took the stage at the ASCAP Music Cafe at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and performed a new, untitled song which seemed to be all about...well, you read the lyrics and tell me, okay?

"What have I done? I broke the heart of the sweetest man. What have I done? I broke the heart of the only man who's ever loved me. Who have I become? I hope you find someone new, someone who deserves you."

Sounds sort of Dean-ish to me, considering she has been with one man--Mr. Sheremet--since earliest adulthood (the pair met in 2001 and wed in 2002) in what appeared for many years to be a stable-enough marriage.

However, sources are conflicted as to who she is actually referring to, according to US. One source says the song was written way before any turmoil was afoot in the Sheremet-Rimes marriage; another says it is "100 percent" about Dean and was penned in the thick of LeAnn's infidelities.

Regardless of whether LeAnn is reconsidering her sense of morality, she and her ex reached a divorce settlement right near the end of 2009. And Eddie Cibrian is in the middle of divorcing his own wife. In other words, the milk's been spilled.

What does remain in the milk carton, so to speak, is whether LeAnn will manage to make something lasting out of this tumultuous affair. She has not seemed to be the most stable personality of late, so I'm sticking with my initial prediction of "Breakup with Eddie, full speed ahead."

But I leave it to you guys, as always. Will LeAnn and Eddie stick it out--until, perhaps, at least 2011? Let me know what you all think.

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