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Live Sarah Buxton: First On Yahoo! Music

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Hey country fans out there. Even if by some chance you haven't yet heard of Sarah Buxton, you probably are familiar with at least one of her songs: The evocative and melancholy tune "Stupid Boy"--which, of course, Keith Urban made a smash hit out of (and won a Grammy for!) a few years ago.

In addition to this, Sarah's been a pretty active presence--if a bit under the radar--in Nashville. A quick synopsis: She's been signed to Rascal Flatts' label, Lyric Street Records, since 2005; had a few charting singles, worked with various heavyweights around town, and was nominated twice for Best New Female Artist by the Academy of Country Music. Given all this, plus her infectiously un-selfconscious vocal style, it's a bit of a wonder that it's taken her so long to release a debut full-length record.

However--it's finally here. This week, Sarah's self-titled album hit the streets, and she's been enjoying quite a rush of critical acclaim, as well as a packed schedule (she's currently on tour with Martina McBride and Trace Adkins). Still, she found time to record these live performances of songs from the new record, which you can see before anyone else right here at Yahoo! Music.

Hope these make a new fan out of you--or, if you were in the know all along, confirm you were on to a great thing.

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