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Luke Bryan Says Goodbye To MJ

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Although it may have seemed that the world (and especially the music world) has been painted head to toe with news of Michael Jackson's sad and untimely passing, his memorial, and continued speculations surrounding the tragedy--the microcosm of Country music seems to have very little to report or say on the matter.

Country artists have made perfunctory statements and the occasional MJ-related tweet on Twitter, but for the most part Nashville seems to be movin' on without much to say about the King Of Pop.

We were delighted, therefore, to discover one of our favorite rising stars, Luke Bryan, is a huge Michael Jackson fan--and not afraid to let all his fans know. Upon reports of MJ's passing, he posted this video tribute on his official site, prefacing it with the sweet dedication: "My parents had Elvis to watch and adore. I had Michael Jackson."

We really urge you to take a look. It's not every day you see a country hoedown version of "Billie Jean"!

Much to our dismay Luke doesn't moonwalk in this clip. However, we chatted with Luke via Twitter last week, and he revealed to us that he used to "moonwalk to the pencil sharpener" as a kid.

Did he ever wear a red jacket? Nope, but he admits he "did get the parachute pants."

You are not alone, Luke Bryan! Thanks for your refreshing homage to a pop icon.

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