Mama-To-Be Jewel Isn’t Sure If She’ll Return To Work After Baby

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Jewel has carved out a name for herself in both the pop and country worlds, as well as in the TV realm (she's the host of Bravo's Platinum Hit). But the down-to-earth star may just be planning to hang all that up and go by her newest name-to-be: Mama.

The singer, who is expecting a son with husband/rodeo pro Ty Murray very soon (any week now!) tells Fit Pregnancy that she isn't sure if she'll return to her career after having her baby. "I've put everything else on hold," she notes. "I don't know whether I will want to work afterward or not."

Jewel--who will appear on the cover of the magazine's August/September issue--stresses that whatever decision she makes will be fine. "I just want to give myself time to adjust," she explains.

Jewel's actually been pretty busy through most of her pregnancy--she discovered she was pregnant right as she started work on Platinum Hit. And, she wrote an entire album of children's music during her second trimester. Additionally, she took on the task of remodeling her and Murray's Texas ranch in preparation for their new arrival.

However, now that she's reaching the finish line in her pregnancy, she's ready to take it a bit slower. "My husband and I have kept a good balance between the work and the rest," she noted to Fit Pregnancy.

Jewel also told the magazine that she's feeling really good at the moment, and has worked hard to achieve her currently happy and grounded lifestyle. "My husband has been an amazing example," she explains. "He had a very happy childhood, and he has taught me a lot in the 12 years we've been together."

If you'd like to watch a full interview with Jewel discussing her pregnancy--hate to be cliche, but she looks glowing!--you can visit here.

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