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Man! I Feel Like An Idol

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So, looks like it's official: We will be seeing Shania Twain on American Idol!

There's been a hum about this for a few days now, but Twain's label said it was still rumor. Finally, however, the Idol folks themselves are stating she's indeed set as a guest judge--one in a line of celebs enlisted to fill in for the exiting Paula Abdul. So, it's shaping up that Ms. Shania will be on a couple of episodes (it sounds like she'll be visiting the Chicago auditions at the end of this month).

We reported back in early July that Twain was finally gearing up to get back in musical mode after a lengthy absence from the public eye--she updated her personal blog for the first time in a year, mentioning that she was writing music and hoping to have something for fans to hear soon. I guess we'll be seeing her on TV before actually getting any new material--but this definitely is a welcome surprise.

There's not too much bad we can say about this. AI has been a hotbed for country stardom over the years--Carrie Underwood (duh), Kellie Pickler, Josh Gracin, Bucky Covington, et al. In fact, just taking a look at Ms. Underwood's insanely rapid career alone, one might even say the show has done more for country-pop crossover than...well, Shania Twain. (Well. Almost.) So it's going to be fun to have the original crossover queen giving her two cents on the talent this upcoming season.

But, now, Shania. We're still waiting for some new tunes from you. Don't let us down! We think your appearance on AI will be an excellent reintroduction to the music scene--use it, girl! 

Are you looking forward to seeing Shania on American Idol? Let us know what you think.

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