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Martina McBride Announces New Album Due In October

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Whoever heard of lucky number eleven? Well, the figure clearly seems to be important for Martina McBride--or at least it seems to be fitting neatly in with her plans this year. The Grammy-winning vocalist has announced she'll be releasing her 11th studio album on October 11, 2011. And it'll have 11 tracks.

Oh, and according to data from both Nielsen-BDS and Mediabase, Martina McBride also holds the distinction of being country radio's most-played female artist of the past 11 years (1999-2010).

So, given all that, any guesses as to what the new album's title will be? It's...Twelve! Nahhh--I'm kidding, of course. As you most likely expected, it's also Eleven.

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McBride, who wrote more than half of the songs on the new record (including lead single "Teenage Daughters") is especially excited to release the new record, as she's at a very fresh point in her career. She has a new manager, new producer, and a new record label--Republic Nashville, which she joined last November.

"I feel like I've been given the support and power to go into the studio and write and create an album that pushes the boundaries of what people expect of me, while still being true to myself," she notes of her new material. "I can't wait for October 11th so that I can finally share this new music with my fans!"

If you're wondering why McBride didn't go for broke with the "11" theme and plan her release date for 11/11/11, new albums in the United States are traditionally released on Tuesdays for a variety of factors--distribution issues and chart cycles among the main ones. November 11 happens to fall on a Friday this year.

Plus, as the singer herself tweeted on Thursday "I don't wanna wait another month. I'm ready to get this out there!"

But that's OK. I'd say there's more than enough 11s in this particular project, as it stands!

McBride is currently on tour playing several dates through the fall. You can check where to catch her live here.

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