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Martina McBride And Train’s Pat Monahan Prepare To Witness Real-Life Wedding On ACM Awards Stage

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We've seen lots of couples get married on TV these days--but here's a spin on the typical reality-TV wedding that most fans have never experienced. At the Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday evening, a real-life couple will get married on stage during the show's broadcast. And, fittingly, they'll take the plunge to the strains of Martina McBride's new single, "Marry Me"--which she'll be performing live with Train frontman Pat Monahan as they take their vows.

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McBride and Monahan will serenade a real-life couple on the 2012 ACM Awards

McBride admits she's the one who came up with this novel idea initially. And, while her vision was executed by wedding-gown giant David's Bridal, who put out the call for couples who'd like to appear on the show, the final decision on who would score the unconventional ceremony was McBride's alone.

How did she manage to pick just one couple out of what likely was an extraordinary pool? "I chose this couple just because of their amazing story, and all the things they had been through, to be here together," she explains.

The pair, Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci of New Jersey, do indeed have a unique story: Both lost their respective spouses in 2009, and met via a support group for widows and widowers in the area. After becoming good friends, the couple fell in love. Between the two, they have three young sons from their previous marriages.

"We only chose them about a week and a half ago," McBride notes. "So we really put this together quite quickly."

She admits she isn't sure how all this is going to play out come showtime--after all, having a wedding on stage is not something one generally attempts at an awards show--but notes that the ACMs have been doing an incredible job planning for the event. "And the couple is just so sweet," she adds.

With so much attention directed towards the blessed event to occur on stage, one almost forgets the real reason McBride is at the ACM Awards--she's up for female vocalist of the year, of course! However, Monahan hasn't forgotten. In fact, he went into a sudden quandary on camera, turning to McBride and asking: "If you win for female vocalist of the year, am I supposed to go up there and get the award with you?"

"Yes! Would you please?" McBride laughs. Everything's easier when you've got a friend to stand by you, right?

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